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Osmosis Season 2: Netflix Release Date

Osmosis Season 2
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Osmosis is a science fiction web series that is about the use of artificial intelligence to find the perfect partner. In 2019, this French drama debuted on Netflix. Osmosis is created by Audrey Fouche. It has created quite a buzz among the audience because of its unique and innovative story. Hugo Becker, Agathe Bonitzer, and Yuming Hey were in the leading cast of this French series.

Osmosis: Storyline

The story is set in the future Paris and in this new feature, an advanced app named Osmosis was created to help people find a suitable match. But in the underlying theme, the creators have touched a critical theme questioning the dominance of artificial intelligence that could navigate through the innermost thoughts of humans inside their minds.

Season 1 was critically appreciated by the critics but was not able to achieve the success that was expected from it. Now many fans have started wondering about the future of this series. Here are some of the latest updates that you should take a look at.

When Season 2 Of Osmosis Will Release?

This news had surfaced on the internet in the recent past that the creators have revealed the release date of the upcoming season of this French sci-fi series. But when we get to the source of this viral news, it came out to a rumor not based on any truth.

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Has Netflix Canceled The Show?

Netflix has canceled this series after its debut season. Earlier this year in January, Netflix announced about the cancellation of Osmosis’s Season 2. So the recent viral speculation about the release date of Season 2 of Osmosis might be seen as a frustrated attempt by the fans to make the creators reconsider their decision about canceling this series. How much the fans succeeded in their attempt, only time will say. That’s all for now.

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