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‘Our Nation Must Condemn White Supremacy’ President Donald Trump Speaks On Recent Shootings In United States

Donald Trump spoke earlier in Washington after two shootings plunged the United States this weekend.

A new tone, a precisely named culprit, but few concrete proposals. This is the summary of the intervention of the American president since the White House on Monday. After a weekend when two men blew the blood in the United States by opening fire on the crowd in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, the US President spoke from home white. Recalling that the Texas terrorist was motivated by racist resentment, he said, ” Our nation must unite to condemn racism, sectarianism and white supremacism.” Hate has no place in the United States. hate devours the soul “.

” Since Columbine, our nation has watched with horror as hundreds of shootings ensnare each other and we can no longer feel helpless. We must honor the memory of the victims by acting as one people. We must find bipartisan solutions to make the United States safer, “he said.

While he had earlier mentioned on Twitter his desire to see the political class better frame the sale of firearms, he attributed responsibility for recurrent bloodbaths in his country “disturbed minds”, possibly poisoned by ” internet “or even video games:” We have to stop glorifying violence, especially with atrocious and sinister video games “. “It is mental health that causes these attacks and not weapons,” he said, refusing to break with his convictions or with his pro-weapons base.

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But he clearly intends to allow the parliamentarians full latitude to draw the contours of a new law because he remained cautious about the content of a possible new text. He only stated that he had asked for “a law to restrict access to the weapons of unbalanced people”. It also intends to “confiscate” the weapons in possession of individuals who do not enjoy all their mental faculties where appropriate, while hammering out the need to provide “the care needed” for people in psychological distress, or even the “interns”.

Having therefore discussed in detail the hypothetical dangerousness of persons who can not, by force of circumstances, be held responsible for their actions, he has curiously demanded the death penalty, and as soon as possible, for the authors of such massacres:

“I also order the Ministry of Justice to propose a law guaranteeing that those who commit hate crimes and mass killings are punishable by the death penalty and that the death penalty is implemented quickly, decisively and without delay. years of unnecessary delay “.

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