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Outer Bank Season 2: Officially Renewed, Cancelled Or Delayed, Get To Know

Outer Banks, the show quickly became a hit after its premiere. It has been reported to have acquired the first position on Netflix’s most-watched shows for three weeks and continues to stay in the top ten list. Outer Banks released on April 15th and is set in North Carolina. However, it hasn’t been shot there due to the state laws obstructing it, the show is shot in Charleston. Following the first season, the inquisitive fans are eager to know about the second season.

Will there be a second season?

Although it hasn’t been announced officially, the creators and the cast of the show are positive about a second season. On a piece on Fox 8 News channel Director of Photography, Brad Smith indicated that there is going to be a second season. He said that he would love to film the show in North Carolina for the second season.

Moreover, as Netflix decides whether to renew a show or not on the basis of views that it gets, Outer Banks holds a high ground in such evaluation. Thus, following Netflix’s way, the show will get a second season. Not only that, but the creators also suggest that more than just two seasons will be there. It is certainly good news for the fans.

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Well, we can expect to bear about the renewal update by the end of this month or perhaps the next month. However, it is just a matter of time before the show is renewed. The release of the second season is a totally different topic though.

When might the second season release?

Well, no updates of that have been given. However, sources say that the second season might release by the end of next year or perhaps the beginning of 2022. It totally depends upon the production schedule though, the sooner it starts, the earlier we get the second season.

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