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Outer Banks: Season 2 Netflix Release Date!

Outer Banks Season 2
Source: The Buzz Paper

One of the popular American teen drama series, Outer Banks is soon expected to come up with its second season on Netflix. It has been created by Shannon Burke, Josh Pate, and Jonas Pate, which was first aired on 15th April 2020. It is an adventure mystery series that acquired a huge number of viewerships within a span of a few months and has received lots of positive reviews. The series is the perfect blend of summer days with beachy out front with a taste of adventure in it.

The plot follows the whereabouts of four teenagers who decide to go on an adventure hunt after they discover that one of their best friends, John B, is directly linked to the treasure as it was his father who got close to its discovery and led to his disappearance nine months earlier. They should find the treasure soon or someone else would end up exploiting it. With time they realize that many dark secrets are involved in the exploration in this treasure hunt that might risk their lives.

Has The Series Been Renewed For Another Season?

The series has been renewed for the second season in July 2020. According to the sources, the production of the series is supposed to begin later this year. Although it has not been confirmed by any of the official sources yet, the filming would take place only if the pandemic crisis is bought under control.

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Is There A Release Date For Upcoming Season?

Nothing has been announced regarding the release date of Season 2. The first season dropped in April 2020. So it can be expected that the second season would drop sometime in summer 2021 or mid-2021. But nothing can be said with surety unless that official source releases a statement. We hope to get hold of further updates soon and until then, stay tuned!