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‘Outer Banks: Season 2’ Netflix Spills Renewal And Release Date Details?

Outer Banks. Will the Pogues get the gold? The debut season of this interesting show was a hit and made fans curious about the next one. The new era take on the classical treasure hunt concept is certainly something for the fans. Now that the first season has already released, fans are enquiring about the second one. So, let us see if that’s gonna happen.

Will there be Outer Banks Season 2?

Madison Bailey shared her thoughts on Season 2. Madison plays Kiara on the show and recently she shared how are cast members connected in quarantine and what are her dreams for the next season. She said that season 2 is inevitable as much of the story is left to tell. However, Netflix hasn’t renewed it yet but might make an announcement soon.

When might the second season release?

As the show hasn’t even been renewed yet, so, it is just a just guessing game for now. Seeing the present global situation, the filming of any show isn’t going to resume until at least the end of May. Therefore the potential release date of the show is now expected to be around mid-2021. Although we are not sure about that, it is just an educated guess. However, if there’s an official announcement or as much as an indication, we will let you know.

What might happen in the next season?

Well, Madison did tell something about the story of the second season, however, it was also just a guess form her side. The show will move further with its romantic theme. In the previous season, Pope kissed Kiara and in the end, Kiara kissed him too, so there might be a spark. Moreover, now that John B. is presumed dead, Kiara will be taking his position to hold the pogues together. In short, we are going to see Kiara in more action in the next season.

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