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Outer Banks Season 2: Renewal Or Cancellation Updates! Potential Release Date Revealed!

Outer Banks. Hope you have watched the first season, if not then do watch it, it is worth your time. Moreover, it is quite a boredom buster at this time, when the whole world is closed down. Although it has just 10 episodes, it doesn’t fail to grasp your interest. Thus, with such success on the first season, we are expecting to have the next one soon.

Will there be another season?

However, Netflix hasn’t said anything yet but we would be quite surprised if the show was cancelled. Till now the trends around the web show that the show has been successful in building a large fan base.

Moreover, the show creator Jonas Pate said that ever since they started working on the show they have seen it as a four-season show or maybe even five. Therefore it is quite sure that a part of the second season has already been written and if the audience supports then we are definitely going to have at least four seasons.

Netflix typically takes around a month or two after the release of a show to renew it. So, we might hear the official announcement in the upcoming month or two. Do not panic and spread cancellation rumours if it isn’t renewed just then, it can take a little longer this time as a world is in quite a chaotic state right now.

When might the second season release?

As the show hasn’t been renewed yet, there is less that can be said about the release of the show. Moreover, the production is also on hold so that takes away our other guessing chance. However, there is a gap around a year, under normal circumstances, between two seasons of a show, that has been quite a success in the last season. Therefore with such disruption in the production, we might get the next season by Mid-2021. Again, it is nothing but an expectation.

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