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Ozark Cancelled? Netflix Might Have Put An End To The Series! No Season 4?

The final of the third season of the popular Netflix series Ozark had a lot to offer. That is why fans are already waiting for more episodes.

Here is what the Ozark is all about

The first season of the Ozark series was released on Netflix in July 2017. The implementation was based on ideas from Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams.

The series tells about a  financial advisor and family man Marty Bryde. He has to move from Chicago to a summer resort in the Missouri Ozark, with his wife Wendy and two children Charlotte and Jonah.

The reason for leaving was to ensure the safety of his family from a drug lord. This was because he was simultaneously laundering dirty money for Mexican drug cartels. Thus, for the safety of his family, he has no choice but to leave Chicago.

When he arrives in Ozark, Marty realizes that he is not the only one up to the crime. Ozark of its own was the world where drug dealing and money laundering was common.

Ozark cancelled for its fourth season?

There is no official confirmation regarding the fourth season of Ozark yet. Netflix has neither cancelled nor renewed the series for its fourth part till now.

But the chances of a fourth season are high since the series has gained high critics. And it also has millions of viewers worldwide. Even the number of desired seasons are five. So, it is sure that this is not an end for the series.

When will Ozark return for its fourth season?

For now, it is difficult to say when season three of Ozark will appear. The third season was first confirmed in October 2018 and was released this March. So it is clear that, before the fourth season appears, fans will have to be patient for a while.

We can assume that the fourth season will likely hit our screens after two years.

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