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Ozark: Is Season 4 Cancelled? Netflix Updates

Ozark is a crime drama that revolves around the Byrde family and their struggle to survive among the petty criminals. It is created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. Ozark premieres on Netflix.

So far, three seasons of this thriller drama have been released and all the seasons have been watched by millions of people. Many people find this drama as thrilling as Breaking Bad. Ozark has garnered mostly positive reviews from the critics. This series has won many prestigious awards and been nominated for Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award.

The last season, Season 3, of Ozark was premiered this year in March. Now many people have started speculating about the possible renewal of Ozark for Season 4 and some are expecting that this series would get canceled.

Here are the latest updates about the future renewal or cancellation of Ozark.

Is Season 4 Of Ozark Cancelled?

Let’s first take a look at Season 3 that was released on March 27, 2020. So it has not been even three months to the release of Season 3. But regardless of this, a bunch of people has started considering that Ozark has ended with Season 3.

Although, no official announcement has come about the cancellation of Ozark. After March this year, the world is facing a pandemic that has created havoc globally. So maybe, the creators are waiting for a suitable time to update us about the future of this series.

Is There Any Update About The Renewal Of Ozark For Season 4?

Unfortunately, we are in dark right now. We don’t know for certain whether Ozark is going to renew for Season 4 or not. But the ending scene of Season 3 has a hidden hint that there will be Season 4 of Ozark. Navarro has said to the Byrde couple at the end of Season 3 that it is the beginning of increased cooperation between them.

So there is a great possibility of renewal of Ozark for Season 4.

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