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Ozark Season 4: Are Those Cancellation Rumors True?

Ozark. Even after two months of the release of the third season, the show still takes the 7th position in the top-10 list of Netflix. The dark-criminal theme has attracted a large number of people towards itself thus, creating a substantially large fan base. The third season of the show released after a large gap of around 2 years. It has made the worried if that could mean cancellation of the show. Let us check the validity of that accusation.

Has the show been canceled?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t given any official statement on cancellation or renewal of the show. Although it has been around 2 months since the release of the third season which is Netflix’s usual time for giving a verdict on a show. They haven’t resolved to give the fans a sigh of relief, thus, giving a decision of the show.

However, Jason Bateman said that the crew is working in hope for the show to be renewed, indicating a strong chance of renewal. Moreover, the showrunner, Chris Mundy had said earlier that they see the show as a five-season thing so that increases the chances of the show being renewed even more. Moreover, it also opens a door to a potential fifth season. We expect to hear about official confirmation by next month.

When will the Ozark season 4 release?

The previous season of the show released after a gap of around two years. So, it could mean that the following season also takes around 2 years. However, as Jason Bateman said, the filming of each episode takes around 11 days along with 2 weeks of preparation. Overall each season takes around 6-7 months in filming and another 6 months in post-production. Therefore, the following season could release by the fall of next year if the production starts by the end of this year.

Given the present pandemic situation of the world, production is less likely to start any soon. For more updates, stay tuned.

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