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Paytm Official Message After Google App Ban, Here’s What Paytm Assures!

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“Paytm Got Removed From Google Play Store” Have you got tensed listening to this news? Well, here’s the complete information regarding the removal of Paytm from Google Play Store.

We all know, there are different cashback offers available on payment applications like Google Pay, Paytm, and many other applications. But what happened to Paytm that it got removed from the Google applications. Let’s find this.

The Introduction To Paytm Cricket League

A few days ago, when everything was going smoothly, Paytm came up with new offers and presented a Cricket League for Paytm users. The company had the intensions to bring up something exclusives for the Paytm users so that they can play the game and earn cashback but the offered turned wrong when Google depicted it as the process of gambling which was against the rules of Google Policies.

Google Removed Paytm From Google Play Stores

When Google got to know about the offers of Paytm, the company looked over it and took the offers of Paytm as the process of gambling. Therefore, due to this reason, the application got removed from Google Play Stores.

Paytm Replies For The Inconvenience To Users

According to the latest updates, Paytm informed it’s users that there is no reason to have any tensions as everyone’s money is safe. They will be back shortly and there is no need to take tension for anything. The company will be soon back by serving every policy of Google and they will be right back to continue their services.

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The users that have already installed the Paytm application on their mobile phones, can use it safely and the users that are looking forward to installing the application, for them the company, Paytm will be right back after some time.

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