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Peaky Blinders: Have Makers Dropped Season 6 Official Release Date?

Peaky Blinders, the British crime drama series presently streaming on BBC One. The fifth season of the show was a massive hit. I had an average viewership of around 7 million. The show was confirmed to have a fifth season back in 2018. Steven Knight confirmed it to the Birmingham press club that they were definitely having a sixth season and probably a seventh too. Moreover, he also said that a spin-off or even a movie might follow.

When Will The Sixth Season Release?

Prior to the pandemic, it was hoped that the sixth season of Peaky Blinders would release around the end of this year. However, it seems highly unlikely now, as almost all of the production work has been halted, keeping in mind the rules of social-distancing. In March 2020 BBC confirmed that filming of Peaky Blinders has been postponed to an unspecified date.

The script for the sixth season was ready to by December and had already gone into pre-production. The series director confirmed it himself. Moreover, the title of the first episode has also been revealed, ‘Black Day’.

The production is expected to resume as soon as the pandemic ends and the world gets back to normal. Therefore the new expected release date is around mid-2021. However, we are not sure of that, as it depends upon the situation around the world.

What Might Happen In The Next Season?

Details are yet awaited but the season 5 finale sure left us with many questions. One of the most important ones is what is Tommy Shelby going to do. Will, he stand openly against the fascist leader or take him down from the inside?

However, the answers to such questions are tightly packed in the plot of the sixth season, which might not be released any soon. Though, director Anthony revealed the main thematic colour for the next season are going to be Black and Gold, the significance to which will be revealed to us later.

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