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Peaky Blinders: Season 6 Could Have These Huge Cameo!

Peaky Blinders, the massive British period crime drama created by Steven Knight. We all know what the show is about and how the previous five seasons have gone. Now, the exciting thing in the stocks is the updates about the sixth season. The fans certainly seem excited about it and even more when rumors are that someone big is going to have a cameo. So, who is it gonna be?

Highly awaited huge cameo in season 6

Paul Anderson, the star of the epic series Peaky Blinders went to social media to give a hint about a potential cameo by football star David Beckham. Although he did not mention anything specific about the cameo, he shared a post in relation to Peaky Blinders and tagged David Beckham in that.

The fans are also excited to know about that and are wishing for it to be true. Paul and David are pretty good friends too. So, I guess getting David Beckham on board might not be a problem.

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During the filming of season 5, David Beckham visited the set of Peaky Blinders though it was for the ‘capsule collection’ launched at London Fashion Week 2019. However, there’s a high chance of David Beckham appearing in the sixth season. Moreover, we have also come to know that Bella Thorne will be joining the main cast.

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When will the sixth season release?

As of now, no updates have been given in regard to the release. The filming for the sixth season started back in March 2020 but was suspended amid coronavirus pandemic. Filming has not started yet but we expect it to resume in a couple of months. The release probably will be set in mid or late 2021. However, we are sure that it will be worth the wait. That’s all for now.

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