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‘Peaky Blinders: Season 6’ Tom Shelby Can Die To End The Show! Here’s How

Source: Radio Times

Our very favorite Steven Knight who is the creator of hit series peaky blinders has made a very difficult road ahead for Tommy Shelby which is played by Cillian Murphy in the final two series of the show. According to the creator, Tommy will survive because he is immortal but there is still so much more to it, let’s find out!

Fifth season: the finale of peaky blinders

We saw Tommy Shelby on his verge of taking his soul out of the body and the whole season ended well with an amazingly dramatic cliffhanger. Since then, the audience was literally going crazy while watching Tommy fighting against his own inner demons. While the highlight of the finale was when Tommy encountered his dead wife, Grace, just before he was pointing arms to his own head!

Then what is all about Tommy’s death?

Well, the creators have spoken about his survival and even in some interview when Stephen was asked about his death everyone was amused about Thomas’s death. As this will make the show end abruptly but yet he is immortal if he dies the show dies! (very true) While the sixth season is already in production with seventh in-line.

Stephen also mentioned that he has planned the future of Shelby’s family. And we all are aware of the end of the family with the beginning of world war II but that does not imply that Steven will be finished with the Shelbys’. This might be a spoiler( at some point in time) but there is literally no confirmation and it is all our love for this show, that we’re are drooling over its storyline and future spin-offs.

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