Pete Davidson: Here’s The List Of His Girlfriends So Far

Pete Davidson, the 27-year-old American comedian sure does have his share of relationships. Recently spotted with supermodel Kaia Gerber, Pete surely has made to the NEWS. However, reports say that they are just friends, it doesn’t that way though. If holding hands romantically is what friends do, then they might friends or else there’s something fishy. Let’s have a look at Pete’s relationship history۔

Carly Aquilino

Pete’s one the earliest know girlfriend is Carly. The two were know dating for a while back in 2015. However, they never took their relationship on the screen, it was known when Carly said something on the news of Pete and Grande’s engagement.

Cazzie David

Next in the list is Cazzie David. Cazzie David daughter of actor Larry David started dating in 2015 and went public in 2016. He had a bit of what we call a strong relationship with David. He also credited her for getting him sober in 2017. However, good things do not last for very long and the couple split in 2018.

Ariana Grande

One of the most famous relationships of Davidson was with Ariana Grande. It had a lot of events and incidents in a very short period of time. The two were first reported to be a couple in May 2018, when an onlooker saw the two together backstage after one of Grande’s performances at the Billboards Music Awards. However, a few weeks later they went to Instagram Official and made the world know about their love. Moreover, again after a few weeks, it was confirmed that the two were officially engaged. Then not to our surprise, the two split up in October 2018, on the account of that the timing wasn’t right. A relationship moving that fast has a high chance of breaking up.

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Kate Beckinsale

Then came in the life of Pete, Kate. The 46-year-old actress. The two had quite a lot of public romance scenes. The two were seen in the Golden Globe Awards afterparties back in January 2019. However, they broke up after a four-month relationship in April 2019.

Margaret Qualley

The latest confirmed girlfriend of Pete was Margaret. The two were first spotted together in September 2019 at Marco Polo airport at Venice. After sharing some great moments together, the two quite ended things by the end of the year.

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