Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Official Release Date Announced?

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Pirates Of The Caribbean. I would be lying if I said that Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t one of my favorite films and Captain Jack Sparrow is not one of my favorite characters. That drunk man has got all the qualities that one can desire for. Moreover, I would again be lying if I said that the sixth movie in the franchise doesn’t give me goosebumps. I know there are plenty of die-hard fans who are waiting to know more about the upcoming movie and here it is.

When will Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Release?

Well, the sixth part has been confirmed to be happening. To be honest I kinda saw that coming as the story of Captain Jack Sparrow hasn’t come to an end. If you think the movie is just about adventures in the sea, then my friend you know a lot less. We have noticed that the only end to the series is by either getting Jack settled with a woman or making him of sea forever.

However, talking about the release, we cannot say anything about that yet. Sources say that there’s still a lot of pre-production work to be done. For instance, a major part of the script has to be written and the cast has also to be confirmed. Well, those things take time and we have no problem waiting as long as the outcome is worth it.

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To guess about the release date, I would say that we might get to watch the movie in the theatres in 2022 or 2023. Higher chances are that we get it in 2023 and that too in the latter half. These are just assumption and actual release dates are they to be confirmed. Rumors are Jonny Depp might not be Captain Jack Sparrow this time. It will be very sad if it is true.

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