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Prince Harry Cheating Rumors Kindle Online! Accused Of Two-Timing Meghan Markle With Another Model

Before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Marriage Prince Harry was accused of two-timing Meghan Markle with a model.

Recently, Markle’s cheating rumors again highlighted, with the Duchess of Sussex being rumored that she was still dating Cory Vitiello when she met Prince Harry. Some have accused her of dumping the Canadian restaurateur for the royal prince.

Markle was not the only alleged cheating in their relationship. Harry was also accused of two-timing Meghan Markle with a British model Sarah Ann Macklin.

A source told in 2016 that Prince William’s brother was looking for a lookalike of Markle while he was starting his relationship with Meghan Markle. Prince Harry’s interest in Markle made her ex-boyfriend David Gandy feel jealous.

Another source said that Macklin and Prince Harry were introduced at a social gathering and he made a beeline for her. They also went on a few dates but kept it below the radar. When Macklin was asked for the royal feel which she feels with Prince Harry, she was speechless, she neither confirmed it nor denied it, because of his relationship with Meghan Markle made headlines.

Macklin said “I will not speak about my personal life, whether it’s Prince Harry or anyone. I will not tell you it was true or not.”

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A source said that Harry and Macklin were very different from each other because Macklin is very clean living and drinks barely. And also, Prince Harry was a bit non-committal at that time because he was already dating Meghan Markle. Therefore, things were never good between Prince Harry and the model Macklin.

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