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PUBG Unban In India, Who’s PUBG New Digital Partner In India

PUBG Mobile
Source: The Verge

PUBG Unban in India. On accounts of national security, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was taken down from the google play store in India. Since then the Korean company named Bluehole which owns the game has broken its contract with Tencent that made the game available in India. In the light of present events, PUBG Corporation stated that it no longer authorizes Tencent to be the PUBG mobile gaming franchise in India.

According to media reports, Bluehole is looking for Indian gaming companies to resume their operations. So, who is it gonna be?

PUBG’s new digital partner in India?

Well, Paytm First Games could have been the best option but it is already working with Gerena Freefire, the rival game of PUBG. Thus, the second-best option is Reliance Jio. Reports are that Reliance might get a PUBG license in India. Further, Bluehole has even discussed revenue share and localization with Reliance Jio.

Although none of the companies involved had given an official statement yet, the claims and leaks do suggest in this direction. Further, the interest of Reliance in the gaming industry only strengthens these claims. For instance, back in February, Mukesh Abani gave statements in the growth of gaming in India. Moreover, Reliance also announced its Jio fiber set-up box to support console.

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We might hear about PUBG being unbanned in India in the coming month which will be distributed by Reliance. Do not worry, your gaming experience will not be hampered. However, Tencent might no longer appear on the intro screen. Instead, Reliance Jio might appear. We might also get to see Reliance moving even further in this industry and become one of the renowned gaming industries in India. Moreover, now that the distributor of the game will be from India, gamers will not have to wait for updates like they had to earlier.

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