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PUBG Unban: PUBG In Talks With Reliance? Deets Inside

PUBG Unban

PUBG Unban. There is good news coming for PUBG lovers in India that the multiplayer game might get unbanned in India.

As per the recent reports, the makers of the game “PUBG Corporation” is planning to collaborate with Mukesh Ambani company Reliance JIO. Reliance JIO will look after the distribution aspect of the game.

Does all this news mean that PUBG is finally going to be unbanned in India?

PUBG Corporation’s Collaboration With Reliance JIO:

The battle royal game PUBG is a top-rated and loved game among the youths of India. The distribution of this game in India was under the control of Tencent, a Chinese company. But due to recent aggravate India and China relations, the Indian government decided to ban PUBG and 175 other apps.

Considering the massive market that PUBG is having in India, the company has decided to follow all the rules and guidelines of the Indian government. They are planning to collaborate with Reliance JIO so that they can bring PUBG back to India.

Reliance JIO-PUBG Partnership: A Beneficial Collaboration?

The collaboration between Jio and PUBG can bring benefits to both associations. The collab will help PUBG to make come back in its biggest market, whereas Reliance will take its first step towards online gaming in India.

Talking with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Mukesh Ambani said that he is looking forward to setting up many online gaming companies in India.

India: The Most Profitable Market For PUBG

According to a report of “Sensor Tower,” 24% of PUBG users are from India.

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This report clearly demonstrates the vast market and fan following the battle royal game PUBG has in India. India was one of the most leading markets for Chinese apps, including the multiplayer game PUBG.

With the ban, PUBG has lost all the potential and promises that it was getting from India.

As we find out more news regarding the unban or collaboration of PUBG with Jio, we will update it here.

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