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Ragnarok: Will You Have Season 2 On Netflix? Showrunner’s Plans Revealed

Created by Adam Price, “Ragnarok” is a Netflix series shot in Norway and Denmark in 2019 that will take place in the fictional city of Edda, in a high school. The drama based on Norse mythology follows a group of teenagers, possible heirs of the Nordic Gods, who will face the changes of the end of the world: melting poles, warm winters, violent downpours, that is, a new Ragnarok seems inevitable unless someone acts on time.

For Price, the series wants to talk about how climate change affects us, about its consequences “the world is changing, and we could say that we are heading towards a new Ragnarok (the battle of the end of the world according to Norse mythology) if nobody does anything to stop it.”

The fiction cast consists of Herman Tommeraas, David Stakston, Emma Bones, Jonas Strand Gravli, Tani Mathias Dibasey Hansen, and Theresa Frostad Eggesbo.

The six episodes of the first season of “Ragnarok” are available on Netflix only since Friday, January 31, 2020, but fans of the streaming platform are already asking for a second installment.


So far, Netflix has not made any announcement about the future of the series. Still, we will have to wait for its premiere to know if the last chapter of the first installment leaves open the possibility of continuing the story.

Even after “Ragnarok” is part of the catalog of the popular service, the official announcement is necessary, which could take several weeks to arrive.

Usually, the streaming platform takes more than a month to evaluate the audience’s response to a new show. Although it does not reveal those numbers and figures, they can determine whether a project is renewed or canceled.

During the last press tour of the Television Critics Association, the VP of Netflix Programming, Cindy Holland, told some of the company’s criteria. “What we usually check is, are you getting the necessary amount of audience to justify the cost of the show?”

“We also consider other things: How big is the programming community? How social is the show? There are many things we review. But we are careful, and there are many factors within the final decisions,” he added.


If Netflix renews “Ragnarok” for a second season, the most likely is that the new episodes will reach the streaming platform in the first months of 2021.

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