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Ragnorak: Will We Have A Season 2 On Netflix?

Ragnarok, the new  Norwegian-language drama on Netflix premiered on 31st January 2020. Produced by the Danish production company SAM Productions, the show is based on Norse Mythology.

To know more about the show let us know about its plot first. The show revolves around a teenage boy named Magne, the protagonist. He is determined to fight against those that are destroying the planet, Jutuls, the antagonists, with his newly found Thor powers. The Justus are the fifth richest family in Norway. However, they actually are giants living in the world since ages.

Updates on Season 2

Though it’s just been a week since the release of the first season of Ragnarok, it is starting to gain a huge fan base. People are already tweeting for a second season. One of the tweets said:



WE DESERVE A SECOND SEASON ASAP #RagnarokNetflix#Ragnarok”

Being the second Norwegian show on Netflix, it has gained over a million viewers around the region. This is a good sign for renewal of the show. Moreover, it is also the fifth in the top 10 most-watched series of Netflix-Uk. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to hope for a second season.

News on renewal of the show is expected to be updated in a couple of months. Hopefully, the show should be renewed. If the show is renewed in a couple of months then the release date can be around mid-2021 as the show takes a lot of time in production.

The story, that can be pursued in Season 2.

Another reason for the renewal of the show that seems fair is the plot. The first season ended on a climax. Magne fought with the giant Vidar also the Jutuls family head. Although it was an on-edge battle, Magne somehow managed to summon Thor’s power and summon a thunder strike on himself and the giant. In the end, Magne was shown unconscious but Vadir’s fate is yet to be revealed. We might as well see some new giants and Norse Gods in the next season.

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