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Ratched Season 2, Netflix Renewal Plans And Release Date

Ratched Season 2
Source: What's On Netflix

Ratched Season 2.  Ratched is Ryan Murphy’s latest show on Netflix. The story is based on the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The series introduces us to Nurse Ratched and her life before nurse Ratched.

The released nine episodes were not enough for the fans and viewers and wanted to see more iconic characters. The fans are waiting for another season of Ratched.

Is Ratched Renewed For Season 2?

After collecting so many positive comments for season 2, Netflix has finally gone ahead and announced that the show Ratched will renew with season 2. It’s a Yes for the second season of Ratched.

That means, the fans and the viewers will definitely have more crazy and iconic characters. According to the sources, the second season od Ratched will also have nine episodes just like the first season. The release date will be held in September 2021.

Expected Cast Of Ratched Season 2

The fans could nearly expect everyone from the first season will return in the second season. The cast list of the second season of Ratched may include Paulson in the character of Nurse Ratched, Finn Wittrock in the role of Ratched’s homicidal foster brother Edmund Tolleson, Ratched’s girlfriend Gwendolyn Briggs (the character played by Cynthia Nixon), Sophie Okonedo in the character of Charlotte Wells who is a patient of dissociative identity disorder, and Judy Davis as Nurse Betsy Bucket.

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When could we expect Season 2?

Well, at this very early moment where the production of everything has been stopped from months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is a little hard to discover or even disclose any storyline of the second season of Ratched.

The story for the second season of Ratched is unclear now, but we’ll inform you as any information will receive.