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Ray J’s And Princess Love: They Tried They Loved They Loved Their Kids! But What Made Them Divorce, Let’s Dig

Ray J And Princess Love
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We all need someone in our life who could complete us in real sense. But you might have listened to the fact, everyone is being assigned to someone by God’s grace. But don’t know what’s going on with Ray J and Princess Lover.

Exclusive Report About The Couple Ray J And Princess Lover

According to the latest updates of ongoing conflicts between the couple, Ray J and Princess Lover, it seems they have finally landed on the conclusion of their relationship as according to the latest updates, we just got to know that R Jay has filed divorce against his wife Princess Lover.

It is not the first time when the couple has decided to file divorce against each other. Earlier, in May 2020, Princess Lover got to file divorce against her husband Ray J.

The Complete Timeline Of Couple’s Relationship

If we throw light over the previous life of the couple, the stars got married in 2016 and as of now, they own two children. Everything was fine when their issues reached on the social platform, where the star, Princess Lover shared some posts regarding her issues on social media.

Retreating to this, Ray J has also uploaded a slammed video, in which he insulted his wife for taking their personal life issues on social media. Well, after this their relationship has turned out in different modes. They have been fighting all over the social media on every topic and finally, during the birth of their second child, Princess Lover shared the tweets in which she mentioned how harsh she is feeling about being in this marriage bond. She doesn’t want to live with Ray J and so with the Ray J also.

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Till now, it’s not being confirmed as who will be taking the children’s custody, but whatever be the fact, we pray for the well being of their children and pray for their great conflict to end with a happy ending.

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