Reviewing the Top 5 Intro Video Tools

With fierce competition in the market of video creation and video marketing, every single YouTuber is fighting to grab a piece of their share of success. Studies claim that over a billion hours of YouTube videos are consumed by the viewers on a daily basis. In the rat race of trying to be the best out of the lot, creators are walking that extra mile to ensure that they stand out. It is very necessary for them to train themselves on how to make videos that have chique intros, researched content, and well-edited substance. Various industry-standard video templates are used to learn the craft and implement it in the work. Let’s go through 5 best such intro video tools to give our readers a perspective on what would work best for them.


  • Wondershare Filmora9


Wondershare’s Filmora9 is a revelation in the market of video making. It has options full of various transitions, overlays, and a bunch of colors for the background. This software is full of new features that allow you to play around with it. The best features that Filmora9 displays are 4k video quality with green screen compositing. Post-production has enhancements full of filters and state-of-the-art sound tools for audio equalizer and background noise remover. Just drag and drop your videos to the editing timeline and start creating your own marvel.

Rendering and exporting videos can be slightly slow with Filmora9 as compared to other tools. Filmora9 is available for free but the exported video might display a watermark. In order to avoid that avail to various plans available on the website of Filmora9.   


  • Animaker
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The tool called Animaker is available to the video editors at free of cost. It is used by millions of people and thousands of brands and holds the world largest animation library. It has a very appealing website full of funky animation and quirky videos which makes it even the more approachable to the users. Some advanced features offered by this application are high-level camera and transition effects along with a broad range of sound and background effects. 

A few disadvantages are that the videos lag at times as it is mostly used online. You can use the free version for an unlimited number of two minute edits and upload them online. Whereas, there is a limit restriction when it comes to exporting the files. Paid subscription starts from 12 dollars a month and goes upto about 39 dollars a month. 


  • Adobe Spark


This software has two different interfaces as it has been built to edit videos both from mobile and desktop. You can use this tool to see how to make a intro for youtube channel. As the name suggests Adobe Spark is used to build or edit short videos that are mostly used for social media. As an Adobe product, it lives up to its brand name because it is very easy to use. Since the brand has been in the market for long, Adobe Spark was built in a way that would cater to all kinds of customers with all sorts of videos.  It is the easiest to drop a video along with heavy animations into the timeline and it gives you different ways to splice your intros.

The only disadvantage of this app is that the free version of the app isn’t as useful as the paid one. The free version comes with limited templates and several restrictions. Paid subscription, though, is available at the rate of 10.10 pounds a month.    


  • Flixpress
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Another easy way of creating an intro video is by using the Flixpress tool. It is a cloud-based intro maker that creates videos in the easiest way possible. As the editing is done online, one does not have to download the heavy app to avail it. You will need a dedicated internet to go ahead with the editing though. They also have an audio library consisting of royalty-free music that can be used anywhere in the video.  

A free version only lets you edit 2 minutes of video in a month, offers only 15 templates and the exported video is watermarked. A paid Flixpress tool has many more features than the free one. The video quality, resolution etc., also increases in a paid subscription. Plans range from 0.83 dollars a month to 79.99 dollars a month. For more details visit the website linked in the paragraph. 


  • OFFEO  


OFFEO is free of cost editing applications mostly used by amateur editors. This app has thousands of templates and graphical elements that are used to make short videos mostly for social media uploads. Design elements from expressive doodle animation to trending stock images, everything is available in OFFEO’s animation and design library. It does not need a lot of hard work to create intro, outro, and transition videos with OFFEO due to its huge stock of animation.

OFFEO’s paid version offers the same amount of facilities as the free one but with a few exceptions such as watermark-free video, high quality exported files, a wide range of music choices etc. If you are willing to use the premium subscription then you can avail it at a nominal amount of 19 dollars per month.  

Making intro videos for YouTube or other channels will work wonders for you. It will popularise your brand by promoting it and also give your videos a sleek professional look. Choose from the above video makers, learn how to make videos, and come up with intros that address your customers on a one-on-one basis, resonate with your brand image and take your YouTube videos to a different level.   

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