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Rick And Morty Season 4 Episode 6, Delayed? Know The Reason And Answer

Rick and Morty, the astonishing animated series. Revolving around the adventures of Grand Pa Rick and Grandson Morty, the show is a hit. On 10th November 2019, the fourth season, it is aired on Netflix. However, it was abruptly stopped amid the season. We haven’t seen other episodes since the release of the 5th one. Let us understand the reason behind it.

Why is it late?

When the fourth season was about to release in 2019, its official updates did give a hint of release in parts. However, no official update was given in regard to this. It is possible that the show was already decided to be filmed in parts. Since the show requires quite a lot of animation, we have to provide the production team with sufficient time. Another reason could be to build up excitement in the audience. Doing such a stunt is quite normal for Netflix. We see a number of shows being released in parts this year, including Money Heist

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The real reason cannot be known until an official gives updates regarding it. Thus, instead of unraveling the mystery, we should rather focus on the release date.

When is it going to Continue?

There is no official information from Netflix in regard to the release of the sixth episode of it has to be in 2020. However, a tweet from Rick and Morty’s account confirmed the series to return in 2020. Moreover, we have also heard that this season isn’t going to be the last one in the series. Spencer who voices summer in the show said in late November that another five episodes of the season are going to release sooner than later, she also said that they were recording lines for the episodes recently which included “It isn’t over yet” in the finale. This hints towards the production of another season after season 4 as well.

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