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Rick And Morty Season 5: Adultswim Release Date?

Rick And Morty Season 5

There’s only a handful of web series which has deployed the nihilistic approach to life with a hint of tragic comedy as Rick and Morty did. Rick and Morty is an animated comedy series that is being premiered by Adult Swim. This adult sitcom is created by the duo, Justin Roiland, and Dan Harmon. This sitcom series has debuted in 2013, and after that its popularity has only grown tremendously.

Rick And Morty: Storyline?

The story of Rick and Morty, as evident from the name itself, is about a mad genius named Rick Sanchez and his young grandson named Morty Smith. They regularly go on an adventure, more precisely misadventure, to the parallel universes. The plot also has time-traveling elements, pessimistic philosophical references, and a bit of black comedy in it. Rick and Morty have created a huge loyal fan base and it has been favored by the critics also.

Season 4 of this sitcom was released last year and after that fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season.

Has Rick And Morty Been Renewed For Season 5?

As we have mentioned above that the previous season of Rick and Morty started in November last year and concluded in May this year. After that, the creators have renewed this comedy sitcom series for Season 5. A total of 70 episodes are still going to come out as a part of the new deal. So there are many more seasons of Rick and Morty to come.

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When Season 5 Of Rick And Morty Will Release?

So far no update has come about the release date of Season 5 of Rick and Morty. Although by looking at the releasing pattern of this series, it is evident that the upcoming season of Rick and Morty is not going to come out before 2021.

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