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Rick And Morty: Season 5! Has Adultswim Dropped A Release Date?

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Still, watching Rick And Morty Season 4?

Well, keep watching if you are and don’t be worried about the next season, it will be here soon.

No, it is not a rumor, Season 5 got its confirmation and would be here soon. Looking for more deets, come on then what are you waiting for. Go ahead and take a look.

Rick And Morty Season 5 Release Date?

Dan Harmon said that they are done writing Season 5 and Chris Parnell, shared in May, that they are done with some episodes too. With those points to notice, Adult Swim on July 24th gave in a new trailer, which leads to a wait till December 2020 or maybe till April 2021.

As in an interview, Harmon said that he has learned his lesson when it comes to not releasing episodes on time, I guess you all know what he is talking about, inferring to the point yet again that the wait won’t be long.

The Cast

For the starters, Roiland will be the voice of your favorite characters Rick and Morty. Then we can have Sarah Chalke as Beth, Spencer Grammer as Summer and Of course Chris Parnell as Jerry.

The list of the rest of the cast is yet to come up, and maybe we could have a few new actors voicing up for new characters.

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What is Rick and Morty up to?

What would be the best way other than having the creator tell you the hints himself?

Will we have a Season 6 and a movie too?

Surely something new to look to on. You can just hold on, and we would be the good news bearer for you.

Rest the plot isn’t out yet, but whatever is about to come is sure to be amazing.


It would be very rude of me if I don’t leave a trailer here for you to watch, the one that Adult Swim just released on July 24.

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