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Rick And Morty Season 5: Is It Really Cancelled? Are Those Rumors True?

Rick And Morty, the granddad grandson duo is a necessity this year. The fourth season of the show arrived after a long break of 3 years. However, when Adult Swim released the second part of the fourth season it also confirmed that Rick and Morty will run for more than just the fourth season. So, it was kind of expected that we would see the fifth season soon. However, recently we have heard about the rumors about the cancellation of the show. So, lets us check the validity of that.

Is It Really Cancelled?

‘Rick and Morty’ has not been canceled, we know that for sure. In fact, the production season 5 has already started, and here’s the first look of it.

Moreover, in an interview with Dan and Justin, while the fans were waiting for season 4 part 2, they confirmed that Adult Swim has ordered more than 50 episodes of Rick and Morty. In addition to that, they said that they had already started working on more episodes just to be on time. However, there still has been a delay though we can safely blame the pandemic for that.

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So, whatever you have heard about the cancellation of the show is just a rumor. Rick and Morty will be back soon.

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When will the fifth season release?

As of now, no confirmed release date has been announced. However, seeing that work on animation has already begun though it might not be at its full pace due to social distancing norms. So, at the very best we can hope for season 5 to release by the end of this year. If not the full season we might get just the first half of it as it was done for the fourth season. At most, we might be looking at a spring release in 2021.

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