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Rick And Morty Season 6: When Are The New Episodes Coming? Here’s What We Know

Rick And Morty, fans favorite animated series, is yet to come with episode 6 of season 4. After around a two years gap, Adult Swin had finally arrived with the fourth season. After such a delay in the release, too, they have taken a break before releasing the sixth episode. This certainly has frustrated the fans. Although the show has a huge fan base, such stunts can have consequences.

Why is the show delayed?

Some fans speculate that the show has been canceled. It seems reasonable, though. We haven’t heard about any updates regarding the show. Moreover, there aren’t any tweets too in reply to the angry fan tweets. Leaving the show just about now without any reason seems a little vague. Hopefully, the show isn’t canceled, and we get to see some updates regarding the show soon.

When Can We Have Episode 6?

Show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland promised that the show would not be delayed anymore, before the season 4 premiere. However, we see there is a discontinuity in the show. If they aren’t able to keep their full promise, then they might at least be able to provide us with the remaining episode, although delayed.

We guess the next episode might air around April of this year. However, only the year was confirmed and not the month or day.

Although there wasn’t any information regarding the show to be released in parts now, it seems as if it will be released in parts. If it is being released in parts, then it is a good thing as we’ll get to see all the remaining episodes as once.

Will there be a next season?

Well talking about an upcoming season is just out of the scenario right now. Moreover, the show is speculated to have been canceled a while ago. After the release of season 3, a frustrated fan tweeted for the statement of next season. In the reply, the show writer wrote that he could only write if the show were ordered for production. Thinking of next season seems too much right now.

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