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Riverdale Season 5: CW Release Date

Riverdale Season 5
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Riverdale is an American origin mystery teenage drama series. The series is crafted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The series is based on the character of Archie comics. The first season of this premiered in January 2017.


The release date of season 5 of Riverdale has not been officially announced yet, but we can expect that the series will release in early 2021 or January 2021. However, this news is not yet officially confirmed by the makers of Riverdale.

The filming of Riverdale is postponed because of the ongoing pandemic situation, but the non- filming works like story writing have already begun. The filming of Riverdale season 5 will restart once the situation in the world gets a little better and the world becomes completely functional.


Riverdale’s story revolves around four teenagers named Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead, and Veronica Lodge.
In the previous seasons, we saw how they tackle the suspicious incidents that happened around them.

In season 5 we will see some unanswered questions related to Jughead’s departure and also the rumor of Betty killing Jughead is all over there. We will update more about the plotline when any detail about it will be out.


Riverdale season four was expected to have 22 episodes but season four ended on 19 episodes because the production of the show was halted due to Coronavirus, causing episodes cut.

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It is said that in season 4 it was expected to have a prom episode which was originally supposed to premiere in 20 episodes of season four but now it will air in season five.

The executive producer of the show Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa told that when it became clear that they weren’t able to finish the filming of the season, the first thing he kind of did was to look at episode 20 to see if they could cobble together an episode from that scene.


No, the official trailer of season 5 is not out yet nor the official release date of the trailer is out yet, but executive producer Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa posted a photo to his Instagram of the prom night episode.

While announcing that the production of season 5 back as before Aguirre shared a teaser poster on Twitter in which it is shown that a mystery woman running away from a truck looking terrified.

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