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Riverdale: This Fan Favourite Character Might Die In Season 5!

Riverdale a series that is liked by all its fans. But now the fans are left in shock when in the last episode the main character Archie Andrew died. Yes, he died the audience was left in shock and they were not happy about it and they are still guessing that this should not be done he should not die. They have many questions regarding it and here’s what we know about it.

Audience Reaction On It

The audience was very shocked and they could not believe in themselves that what they saw. They were not happy about it as they can’t see him dying and also after facing all the problems in the other seasons how can he die now. This is impossible for the audience to believe that they have also shown their anger and their sadness about it on Twitter.

Many fans have posted a lot on Twitter about it. They keep saying that they can’t believe and there should be any twist about it as their interest in the series will also die if their Favourite character will die. They don’t even believe in their eyes that what they have been seen. They are showing their anger continuously

What The Creators Has To Say

The creators have not yet said anything about it that whether it is true or not or is there any suspense in it. They are keeping everything private.

The viewers are hoping that this should be suspense or something like that as they don’t want their Favourite character to die.

That’s and for now, we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything about it.

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