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Sadak 2: 1.1 IMDb Rating! Here’s A Review Of The Sanjay Dutt And Alia Bhatt Starrer

Sadak 2
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Sadak 2, A colossal waste of time and data. Picking up where the first movie left, the movie features the journey of a young girl who becomes an important part of the protagonist’s life and also the reason for him to be alive.

Well, although at the time of the trailer release it was heavily criticized to be a product of nepotism and the audience showed their anger in the form of dislikes on Youtube. We viewed it without any biases and prejudices. Unfortunately found the movie to be a waste of time. Despite featuring some talented casts, the script and writing are patchy.

An Honest Review!

The movie was supposed to be about the love and dedication of the protagonist towards his late wife. However, it appears more like a comical action movie. In 2020 we do not expect scenes like, ” Bata Warna Goli Maar Dunga” that was the 90s. It just doesn’t work anymore.

Apart from that, we see an unfulfilling desperate attempt of the movie to create a nostalgic connection with the original movie. However, that attempt has utterly failed and feels more like a mockery to the original movie. The writing of the movie just doesn’t bring out the true values of the original one.

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This movie also has a theme against the religious thugs. I appreciate that as especially India needs to wake up from this. It is often in the news that these religious thugs raise their ‘great empires’ on the shoulders of the hapless. That angle is good. However, poor writing objects this too. Loaded with unnecessary twists the movie often leaves the audience confused. If I wanted to see a movie with twists I would have gone for an Abbas Mustan movie, it is just not expected form Mahesh Bhatt.

Overall, it was a disappointment and I am not saying this out of anger or prejudice for it being a living example of nepotism. No doubt that it received a 1.1 IMDB rating.

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