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Samay Raina: ‘Comicstan Season 2’ Winner Is Making Chess Mainstream In India!

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Samay Raina, the stand-up comedian who won Comicstan season 2. Lately, he has been live-streaming chess games. Sounds odd, doesn’t it. Well, interestingly a considered to be the boring game has actually now become fun to watch. Looks like it just needed to be marketed better. Samay’s live streaming engages a nice 20k audience and moreover, he is not a brilliant chess player himself. So why are people watching his live stream?

Comedian making chess mainstream in India

Samay always had a thing for chess while growing up. In fact, he has won a few tournaments in his school days too. Although it was not an international or national tournament, still he knows his way around the board. However, the popularity of his live-stream is not due to his gaming skills rather it is due to his presentation of the game.

Being a comedian he makes the game fun to watch. During the lockdown like all other entertainers, his live performances were also on hold so he thought why not entertain his fans through live streaming like many others. So he started and like most of them started with PUBG but it did not suit his style and thus, came out his passion for chess.

First, he played with his other comedian friends online which was quite fun to watch, it sure was entertaining. However, then came in the big guns. Just recently he had hosted a 1v3 on three different boards and that too the one was blindfolded. Vidit Gujrathi was the one playing blindfolded against three good players and he also won all the three ongoing matches. Samay performed the moves on his calls. It was just mind-blowing to see such play on the board on 64 squares.

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With his live streaming, he also managed to raise around 15 lacks for some good causes. Looks like the audience just needs entertainment be it in any form.

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