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San Diego Comic Con’s, SDCC 2020 Virtual Event Makes Fans Nostalgic About 2019 Event

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There was literally no hall, no cosplay, artist alley, or even elite parties. It was all because of this never-ending global pandemic creating havoc. So the San Diego Comic-Con was literally virtual this year.

Was it fun or more like following tradition?

Many geeks were asked if the comic con was still Comic-Con at home? And to which they replied it was more of a free live stream panel having guests. All of the recordings are uploaded to the official YouTube channel of comic con. Well, it was a whole 5-day long stretch that took place from July 22 Wednesday to July 26, Sunday.

There were many conventions mode online including the short plays, narratives, movie night staples, and many more. You all must be thinking boring and somehow managed to level the power of Comic-con.

What were the events that made fans nostalgic?

The exhibit booth of Kim was entirely virtual this year which use to get a lot of customers checking and pushing their inventories which used to be a hell lot of crazy experience where people climbing at each other. A website was created where people can browse the books of the vendor, their studio exhibits, and multiple other interactive links.

Kim even mentioned that she has been involved with multiple other virtual events but no one has been this much helpful in uplifting the business. Where on the other hand, fans seem to post nostalgic photos of there cosplay from previous years.


Virtual film festivals and events have been always there even before the Covid-19 crisis, but this new normal left the fans with mixed feelings. I guess we have to get used to all of this!

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