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Sanditon Season 2, Amazon Prime Video Plans And Release Date

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Sanditon, the classy show based on Jane Austen’s incomplete novel. As Austen faced her demise before giving an ending, we never got to see Charlotte and Sydney having a happily ever after in the books. However, now that it has been adapted into a small screen show, perhaps we get to watch that inevitable ending.

The first season of the show was released back in 2019. Then it was canceled by its original network on accounts of fewer viewers in the U.K. However, now it seems like we have Amazon to its rescue.

A while ago Amazon claimed that it was trying to get the show back on screen. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Perhaps they need some more time.

When might the second season release?

Assuming that Amazon renews the show for the second season soon. We can hope for the production to begin by the end of this. However, there’s still a tiny bit of complication, as the previous season almost covered the source material, the next season would have to be written. Although we will not see Jane Austen’s authenticity in it, we can hope to see a similar theme like her works.

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That being said, we expect the show to release by the end of next year or perhaps at the beginning of 2022. Ultimately, it depends on Amazon, as soon as it approves for the second season, the script can go under development.

What might happen in the next season?

Well, with no source material to refer to, we sure can expect for the writer’s creativity to kick in. However, keeping to Jane’s works, we expect to see a happy ending to the story. Generally, Jane Austen’s books ended on a happy note, we hope to see the same with this one too. For more Stay Tuned With Us.

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