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‘Sanditon: Season 2’ Release And Spoilers Updates Revealed

Sanditon, the dramatization based on Austen’s unfinished novel. Rumours were the has been cancelled. However, it was never confirmed. So is there going to be another season of Sanditon and if yes then when? The show performed well in the U.S though it suffered a little in the U.K. Looks like competing with Peaky Blinders wasn’t a good decision.

When Will Another Season Release?

Nothing can be said about the release date yet. Although the show performed quite well in the U.S, it wasn’t much of a success in the U.K. There were soon rumours that the show has been cancelled, moreover, ITV and PBS too did not clarify much on the subject. It made the fans believe that the show may have been cancelled. In fact, there was even a campaign on Cange.org to renew the show. Tolls show that around 50000 people had signed the petition.

The campaign was noticed by the officials and was taken into consideration. However, they did not have any plans at present but assured that if plans are made then we would be the first ones to know. Chances are the show might get another season. After all who wouldn’t want Charlotte and Sidney to have a happy ending.

Given that the show hasn’t even planned for renewal, it would just be a waste to expect for a release date.

What Might Happen In the Next Season?[SPOILERS]

The show is based on Austen’s incomplete work and is one without an ending. So, no one knows where might the show lead to next. However, Charlotte and Sidney will get a happy ending if the showrunner decides to run it in Austen’s way. Although it is not sure to happen. Moreover, the black character in the book may also have an important role to play.

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