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School Reopening From September 21, Here’s The Full List Of States!

School Reopening
Source: HuffPost India

Does anyone remember saying ‘we need a long a vacation’? Well, 2020 has fulfilled our wishes to such extent that even the students have now requested to reopen schools and colleges!

Will The Schools Open For All The Classes?

According to recent guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, students of class 9 to 12 can attend their school or college in areas other than the containment zone. This will be voluntary from September 21.

They would practice all norms of social distancing. The states are permitted 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff. Students can go to schools or colleges for teaching/counseling or other related work.

States In Which Schools Will Reopen

Andhra Pradesh: Schools and colleges will reopen for students of Standard 9 to intermediate second year. Coaching institutes, schools, and regular class activity will remain shut for primary classes until September 30.

Assam: Even in Assam schools and colleges will be opened from September 21 for higher classes. All the necessary protocols for COVID-19 will be considered.

Bihar: Using unlock 4.0 as an opportunity Bihar government has decided to open schools and colleges for students of Standard 9 to 12.

Goa: The government of Goa has also decided to reopen schools and colleges for higher classes.

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Haryana: Schools in the state will also reopen for students of higher classes.

Meghalaya: The education minister of the state has decided to reopen schools for classes 9 to 12. But there will be no regular classroom sessions

Schools And Colleges Will Reopen In All The States?

Gujarat state has decided against reopening schools keeping in mind the interest of students. Kerala government has said that they will not rush for opening schools until October end.

The same goes for Odisha who will reopen schools after Durga pooja that is after 26 October. Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand have also decided not to open schools and colleges until the situation is under control.

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