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Scream 5: Release Date Set For Next Year

Scream is a horror serial killer movie in which the killer wears a mask and kills everyone. The movie is full of thrillers and where we find out who is the man inside the mask.

The horror movie franchise is liked by all its fans and had got much love from the audience and from the critics also. This movie is full of suspense and horror. You will love it a lot. In case you guys have not watched it yet then you should go and watch it because it’s worth watching and you guys will not get disappointed after watching it.

After getting so many positive response everyone wants to know that when is its fifth part is going to come and everyone keeps asking about it. Here’s what we know about its fifth part.

When Will It Premiere And Where?

It has been officially announced that Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group is going to release it. But there has not been any official date that when is it going to release. As the creators are keeping it a secret that when they are going to release it.

Scream 5 production has been stopped

Scream 5 production was just about to start but now it has been stopped because of coronavirus and no one knows that when is its production is going to start.

Bit if we had to guess then we would say that its part 5 will come in the mid of 2021.
That’s all for now we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything about it.

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