Selena Gomez: Every Star The Singer Has Dated So Far! Check Out The Complete List


Selena Gomez has had her fair share of men but she still doesn’t seem to stop. In-fact many of her songs are about her ex-boyfriend. Her one of recent songs ‘Lose You To Love Me’ are actually about Justin Beiber, she accepted that herself. During an interview in October last year, she explained how writing them in songs helps her process the feeling of heartbreak. Here’s a list of all the men that Selena has dated so far.

To All The Men: P.S. She Loved You.

1. Nick Jonas. Back in 2008, the two were rumoured to be dating. In an interview in 2018, Jonas confirmed that the two of them were dating back then. He told about their Central Park experience walking 20feet apart.

2. Taylor Lautner. In 2009 Selena and Taylor dated for a brief period of time. Selena was filming a movie version of Beverly Cleary’s beloved “Ramona and Beezus” and Taylor was nearby filming for the scenes of Jacob, in Twilight: New Moon. The two met through Kristen Steward, she was staying in the same hotel as Selena in Vancouver. However, the two broke up once they were out of Vancouver. However, they still remain on friendly terms.

3. Justin Bieber. The most awaited one. The journey of this on and off relationship started in 2010 and finally ended in 2017. In the beginning, they kept it a secret but in February 2011 they made it public and now the world knows the rest.

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4. Orlando Bloom. He also has a history of on and off relationship with Selena. It all started to end the Bieber Fever in 2014. It was even reported that Bieber and Bloom also got into a fistfight at a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain.

5. Tommy Chiara. Shortly after Bloom, Selena moved to Chiabra in summer 2014. That too did not last for long.

6. Zedd. In 2015 Selena dated Zedd, the German DJ. It happened after they collaborated on the song ‘I want you to know ‘. However, that too didn’t last, apparently, the fame of Salena did not suit Zedd.

7. Samuel Krost. In early 2016 Selena dated this business owner and a friend of Gigi Hadid. However, it wasn’t even that famous.

8. Charlie Puth. After doing ‘We don’t talk anymore’ the two had somewhat of a fling or casual feeling it is said. However, Selena wasn’t the perfect one for him as he said.

9. The Weekend. Back in 2017, when Weekend was in an on and off relationship with Bella Hadid, Selena and he dated for ten months. It was quite romantic and good.

So What’s Her Status Now?

She finally ended things with Justin in 2018 and said in an interview in October 2019 that she has been single for two years now.



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