Selena Gomez: New Relationship With ‘This Star’

Selena Gomez
Source: NBC News

Selena Gomez, the singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and also has her own beauty line. She sure is a talented person. With such qualities, she certainly has secured a luminary position in Hollywood. However, while she built her career she kept her love life quite private. Though she did not have much success in doing that when it came to Justin Bieber and The Weekend.

So, who is she dating now?

Although the star has been single for about 2 years now since she split with Justin. However, rumors are that Selena might be dating The Weekend yet again. Fans speculate that The Weekend has gifted the music video of snow child on her 28th birthday this year. Well, Selena did praise the song publicly, twice. The Weekend releasing the song on Selena’s exact birthday just says it all.

Further, The Weekend also got candid about his relationship with Selena during an esquire interview for the September issue. He said that it took him only about two and a half weeks to write, record, and release his six-track EP, My Dear Melancholy.

He also said that the reason for that EP being short is because that was all he had to say in the situation. Well, you do not get candid about something like that before you have run it through the person in question. So, this gives us another reason to believe that Selena might be dating The Weekend yet again.

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However, we can be wrong as Selena also recently said that she hasn’t been dating lately. In fact, she has been single for two years now. Well, it looks like she was quite serious about her relationship with Justin before it broke off. To be honest, I kinda hoped that the two would make it to the end together.

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