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Sex Education Season 2: When And How Will The Teen Series Continue On Netflix? Release Date Revealed

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Update: Meanwhile, Netflix has officially extended Sex Education to a second season, the streaming service announced in a press release. The second season will again include 8 episodes. Filming had already started this spring.

As soon as the new year is a month old, Netflix has landed a big hit. After the year-end of the streaming service 2018 with the films Bird Box and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and the series You had already been extremely successful, it went in January with DC’s Titans and especially Sex Education directly on.

The latter goes by the name of taboo topics at a British school, where the young Otis ( Asa Butterfield ) suddenly becomes a sex therapist together with the tatty Maeve ( Emma Mackey ). The series convinced critics and viewers alike. We’ll tell you if and how the season two series will continue.

That’s what we know about Season 2 of Sex Education on Netflix

After Season 1 ended with a pretty big cliffhanger, it’s clear the creators behind the series would like to continue. Series creator Laurie Nunn confirmed in an interview with Thrillist that Season 2 is already being worked on.

We started working on it, but of course we will not know for a few more months if we will get another season. […] We have some ideas , which is exciting.

After the heads are ready behind the show, all they have to do is wait for a second season on the green light of Netflix. The probability is very high. Already, a huge number of users have seen sex education, Netflix estimates that the series is expected to reach a total of 40 million viewers. The announcement of Season 2 should therefore only be a matter of time. Normally, Netflix will wait for one to two months after the appearance of a series of seasons until a sequel is decided. That should be similar to sex education.

That could happen in the second season of Sex Education on Netflix

Attention, first season Spoiler Sex Education: The first season of Sex Education ends with a lot of questions. First of all, there is, of course, the question in the room, if the two main characters Otis and Maeve are still the couples. After Otis falls in love with Maeve almost all Season 1, he finally comes together with the lovely Ola ( Patricia Allison ) – after Maeve has just separated from her boyfriend Jackson ( Kedar Williams-Stirling ) and go to Otis want. Series creator Laurie Nunn spoke in an interview with Thrillist, among other things, whether there is still a chance for Otis and Maeve.

I think that in a classic “will-you-do-not-you” they can never really come together. But of course we will wait and see if we get a season 2, then it could happen. You never know.

That sounds like the potential relationship between Otis and Maeve is not off the charts in Season 2, but this time it’s Otis who has a girlfriend and prevents it. The characterization of Otis also suggested to Laurie Nunn that Season 1 ends with Otis overcoming his fear of masturbation.

Well, maybe he ‘ll lose a bit of his innocence , which is exciting from an author’s perspective, I think.

With a more confident Otis, there could also be problems for his mother Jean ( Gillian Anderson ). The sex therapist is happy to intervene in season 1 on his occasions and begins at the end to date Jacob, the father of Ola. Actually, she had promised the opposite of her son.

Probably the most unexpected couple from Season 1 is definitely Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Adam ( Connor Swindells ). While Eric is being bullied by Adam all season, it still crackles between the two at the end. But then Adam is sent by his father to a military school. Is he out of the series? We’ll see him again, according to creator Nunn.

It will be very interesting to see where [Adam] leads him, now that he has discovered a new part of himself after episode 8. It is very sad and it is definitely a cliffhanger to what will be between these in the future could happen to both characters.

Sex Education: When does Season 2 start on Netflix?

A start date for the second season of Sex Education is not yet known. But with Netflix getting the hang of it, and the creators of the series already starting to work on Season 2, things could go on quickly. As far as rumors and speculations are concerned, season 2 might be premiering in early 2020.

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