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Sex Education Season 3: Netflix Release Date And Final Season Rumors Busted!

Sex Education is one of the most popular web series of Netflix undoubtedly. It is a British comedy-drama that has achieved instant commercial success with its premier in 2019. Sex Education is created by Laurie Nunn. With the release of Season 1 in January 2019, it has been watched by around 40 million viewers. The reason behind this colossal success could be attributed to its out-of-the-box story that revolves around a teenage boy Otis Milburn and his friends who struggle while tackling the adolescent issues.

Season 2 of this coming to age web series had been premiered this year in January. It also achieved the same success, commercially as well as critically, as Season 1. Now, fans have started wondering about Season 3 of Sex Education and many theories have started surfacing on the internet. Here are some of the latest updates that you should know.

Has Netflix Revealed The Release Date Of Season 3?

It has been almost six months to the release of Season 2 and the anxious fans have started making things up on their own about the upcoming season of Sex Education. One of the bizarre rumors that surfaced recently was that Netflix has revealed the release date of Season 3. Although, this is not true. So far we do not have a release date. Netflix usually releases the new season of Sex Education in January or it has done so with the previous two seasons. So, it is expected that Season 3 would come out earlier next year.

Will Season 3 Be The Final Season Of Sex Education?

Another widely circulated rumor that has made a buzz on the internet is that Season 3 will be the last season of this comedy series. So far, the creators have not announced any such thing about the future of the Sex Education series. As for now, before jumping to the conclusion, fans should wait for an official update to come.

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