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Sex Education Season 3: What Are the Plans? Has Netflix Renewed the Show?

Popular Netflix series Sex Education is one of the shows, that is a lot talked about. It was first aired on Netflix on the 10th of January, 2019, and had been the buzz since then.

It is a teen comedy series based on mental health, race, and sexuality, created by Laurie Nunn. It is about a group of teenagers looking for peace, healing, healthy relationships, and happiness.

The second installment of Sex Education was released on Netflix on the 17th of January, 2020, and has gained quite a lot of positive feedback in these few days. Now the question arises what will be happening in Season 3, and when will be the third installment aired.

Netflix officially has not made any announcement on the third installment. It is being guessed that decisions regarding the third season wouldn’t be made until late February or early March. It’s impossible for Netflix, not to release the third season.

Season 2 ends with various plot twists, multiple storylines, characters. The show has an active fanbase, and without spilling out any spoilers, Season 2 directly sets the table for Season 3. As no official date has been declared, based on the recent release, we all know when to expect the next season.

Season 1 was released in January 2019, and Season 2 was renewed in January itself on 17th, 2020. It is expected that the third installment will be released in January next year, only if the same timetable is followed.

It the previous season, which is in Season 2, Otis remained nervous but lost his virginity. And some personal issues have resulted in emotional and public meltdowns from which it can be concluded that Otis isn’t the perfect romantic partner for the female leads. Maeve finally expresses her feelings but gets busy with her mother’s drug relapse. Does the question remain that whether Maeve and Otis will ever hook up? Let’s hope for more exciting content in Season 3.

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