Sherlock Season 5: BBC And Netflix Reveal Release Date Details? New Protagonist In The New Season?

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Will there be a new season of ‘Sherlock’? And, if so, how will it be? Today we tell you all the details we have about a hypothetical fifth installment of the acclaimed series.

As we know, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson solved their last mystery in January 2017 in the episode entitled ‘The Final Problem,’ but that does not mean that these two characters have parted forever.

To date, we have received all kinds of information and, although we should not create expectations about their future, the truth is that the BBC series is not canceled. Does that mean I could return in the future?

Both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss pointed out before the premiere of the last installment, the fourth, that it was quite “unlikely” that there would be more ‘Sherlock.’ “We are always excited and amazed at people’s response to ‘Sherlock,'” Gatiss said in 2015. “We hope to continue as much as possible.”

What Do The Producers Say?

Sometime later, in January 2017, Moffat pointed out that the fourth season was “the end of the first chapter of this story.” “If we reach the second chapter in which our boys consciously live the myth and face new evildoers, it depends on our two stars. I would be surprised if we came to do the series again, but I was surprised on previous occasions.”

In June last year, Moffat still valued the possibility of a new season, as he told Digital Spy. “I’ve been busy in ‘Doctor Who,’ and Mark has been doing other things, so we have had time to sit down and discuss what we would do with a new season,” he said then.

Very Tight Agendas 

Although they were already consolidated actors before ‘Sherlock,’ the BBC series launched Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to stardom. So much so that, today, it would be quite unlikely that neither of them found a place in their agendas to shoot another season.

Cumberbatch will release three more films this year (‘Mowgli,’ ‘El Grinch’ and ‘Let It Fall Back’) and has six more projects in the portfolio, of which three are in the pre-production phase.

Freeman’s agenda is somewhat freer but is currently filming ‘The Operative,’ the new Yuval Adler tape.

What Do The Actors Think?

Even so, Cumberbatch has expressed his desire to reincarnate the detective, yes, in an old version of the character. The actor has insisted that while the fourth season is the last one, for now, he would be willing to continue revising ‘Sherlock.’ Freeman, on the other hand, pointed out that continuing to work on ‘Sherlock’ was no longer fun because it was impossible to meet the high expectations of the public. However, he later pointed out that those context statements had been taken out.

On the other hand, actors Louise Brealey (Molly Hopper) and Sian Brooke (Eurus Holmes) have recently stated that they are open to reinterpreting these characters.

A ‘Sherlock’ With New Protagonists?

No way. Gatiss said in January 2017 that they could not make a new season of ‘Sherlock’ without their leading actors. “We couldn’t do it without him, of course not,” he said, referring to Cumberbatch.

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