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Sherlock Season 5: Benedict And Freeman’s Feud The Reason Behind Cancellation!

Sherlock, BBC’s brilliant show based on the character created by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. The four seasons of the show have been a delight, however, the wait for the fifth one doesn’t seem to end. Well, now the fans have come to think that there might not be a fifth season after all. Apart from the scheduling problems with Benedict and Martin, another reason could be the feud between them.

The feud between Martin and Benedict.

Well, at first one might think that this feud started with Martin giving an interview in March 2018. In that interview, he said that working on the show is like a mini-Beatles thing. At first, you like it but then you have to forcefully work in it. As a reply, Benedict called Martin ‘pathetic’. However, the feud does not start just there. It is actually a long-buried grudge between the two. Both of them were called for the show and both knew which character could give them a much-needed boost in their career after all the show is not named ‘Watson’.

Benedict getting the role sowed the seed of envy in Martin’s heart and the two have never been good friends since. In fact, they were rarely seen talking between the takes during the filming of the show and neither do they hang around off-camera.

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So could it be the reason for season 5’s cancellation?

Yes, it most certainly can be. Now that none of them is under a contract for the show right now. Moreover, neither of them need the job right now, so why would they agree to work together when they cannot even talk to each other. You might think that Gattis and Moffat should cast someone else. Well, I do not think it would be a great idea. After all the duo is the best thing about the show, changing that would kill the spirit.

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