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Sherlock Season 5: Debunking Rumors About Netflix Return?

Sherlock Season 5
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221 B Baker street, we got goosebumps every time when we hear these words, the famous detective Sherlock Holme’s residence is thoroughly missing by the audience and they are rooting for his return. The show had its fourth season in 2017 and it’s almost four years since there were no speculations of further seasons of BBC adaptation of the famous detective.

Sherlock Season 5 is most hyped as fans are desperately waiting for its arrival and they are absolutely fuming as there are no such plans proposed by showrunners for the potential season 5.

Sherlock Season 5

If we are considering the series factor, then season 5 has to be on board, but for some reason, the series didn’t continue post fifth season. So currently, there are no plans to go ahead with the fifth season and there are just rumors of its happening. So ignore all the speculations around the show as currently, it’s not on the plate anymore. We can be counting on the 2023 release if it tends to happen but at the moment we won’t witness the fifth season of Sherlock in approx two years.

Sherlock Season 5 won't be out in 2020, plot focuses on Sherlock Holmes' secret sister Eurus | Entertainment

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Possible Reasons For Delay

Busy Schedule

There could be various reasons for the delay in Sherlock Season five as the frontline character Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty busy with other projects. As we know that he is part of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Doctor Strange is currently in development, so he can’t be committed to the show to its fullest.

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The second reason is pretty obvious as the scriptwriting could be in progress if the project is seriously considered. However, the storyline ends in a proper manner but still, there were many mysteries that needed to be solved and it could be possible after the release of Season 5.


This is not it, a reboot version on Netlfix is speculated, so there could be a newer version of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch could not be a part of it.

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