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Sherlock Season 5: What Can Happen Next ? Release And Spoiler Updates

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Still not over with “Baker Street Boys?” 

What is going to happen next after “the final problem” has been solved by Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson?

Well, you guys must be excited to know what the future holds for Sherlock’s season 5, right?

Sherlock season 5: release date, any updates?

As there are no official confirmations or statements passed by the streaming platform and it has been all on-off scenario for renewal of fifth season so we still aren’t sure and can’t say much about the release dates yet!

But one thing is confirmed for sure that it will at least take 2-3 years from now or any delay is also possible because of this quarantine time shootings might push further.

There’s one statement we got from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, who both are the show-runners that they both haven’t sat together and talked much about the show as they both were busy doing other stuff too!

Sherlock season five: star cast?

 Let’s name first the obvious characters who are Benedict Cumberbatch and  Martin Freeman playing the role of  Watson. One more name is added to the list which is Eurus Holmes playing Sherlock’s sister and played by Sian Brooke, and the twist is even Sherlock himself didn’t know about her still existing! Because of lack of information, that’s all we know so far!

Now moving on further to the plot of next season.

Sherlock season 5 *SPOILERS*

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Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing his old age character as Sherlock of course.

Eurus Holmes played by Sian Brooke will be seen as Sherlock’s long lost sister.

As things will continue the way we left them-off but while we’ll reach next season Sherlock and Watson still remain to be companions and lead their life with individual stories.

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