Six Sigma Certification Program: Go This Way with Practice Tests

Six Sigma is a highly-disciplined and data-driven methodology or approach related to project management. It is designed to remove any form of defects and errors in any project management process. It also majorly evaluates the quality of output in manufacturing and measures the quality of products and services. Many organizations apply the methodology of Six Sigma and discover the huge success that comes with this approach. Some of these companies are Amazon, McKesson, Ford, Boeing, Johnson Controls, GE, 3M, and GEICO.

In this guide, we’ll look at the different levels of the Six Sigma certification program and what they entail. Let’s start!

How many options does Six Sigma certification program have?

The first thing we should mention is that those individuals who want to be certified with Six Sigma must have competence in analyzing and resolving quality issues. In other words, they should have some level of skills in lean project management, Six Sigma, or other quality-allied projects.

As for the Six Sigma Black Green Yellow White Belt AWS Oracle Certification A+ Security+ 200-301 210-250 VCE Pass4sure credentials, there are different requirements for each level. Generally, there are five of them that the candidates can explore under the Six Sigma certification path, based on the offering from the American Society for Quality. The International Association of Six Sigma offers only three. However, to give a broader view, we will examine the five levels of certificates provided by the first community. They are explained below:


  • Six Sigma White Belt


This is a basic-level certification that focuses on the fundamentals of the Six Sigma concepts. It supports change management in the organizations and collaborates with local problem-solving teams, helping to implement different projects. There is no prerequisite for earning this credential, and you don’t need to have any years of experience. However, the basic knowledge of Six Sigma is recommended.


  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
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The individuals pursuing this certificate understand the basics of Six Sigma and they know how and where to apply them. They also support project teams in solving project problems.


  • Six Sigma Green Belt


The candidates for this certification understand the advanced analysis of the Six Sigma methodology and can solve problems affecting quality. These individuals assist the Black Belts in data analysis, collection, collation, as well as in leading projects


  • Six Sigma Black Belt


The holders of this credential are regarded as the agents of change. They are the experts in leading and managing projects that focus on reducing costs and completing projects within the timeframe. They also provide training for the project team.


  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt


This is the highest Sig Sigma certification level and is also the biggest achievement in the Six Sigma path. The professionals with this credential have the capacity to design and shape a strategy, act as consultants, coach Black &Green Belt specialists, and develop major metrics relating to a large project.

NOTE: The exam for each level is administered by an independent certification provider. And the price for each test depends on this supplier. This means that you have to check the information to know the exact fee that you have to pay to earn your credential.

As for the preparation process, there are many study materials available that you can explore. In this way, Prepaway offers an extensive package of resources, including training courses, video tutorials, study guides, and practice tests that you can use to effectively prepare for your certification exam.

Why is it prestigious to have Sig Sigma certification?

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The organizations are investing in the Six Sigma methodology because they believe that it offers the techniques and tools required to improve their processes. These companies are looking for specialists with the skills and competence to operate in this area. The best way to validate this knowledge is by obtaining a Six Sigma certificate. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting certified.


  • It makes you a valuable employee.


Whatever industry you are in, you will become highly valuable. The Six Sigma approach is industry-agnostic and can be applied almost anywhere, including electronics, aerospace, financial and banking services, HR, IT, marketing, and telecommunication. These certifications equip you with expertise in numerous methods that can be utilized in streamlining business processes, reducing costs, improving revenue, and more. With such a credential, you are positioned as an agent of change in any company.


  • It guarantees compliance.


Six Sigma mandates a very high standard of quality. By earning any Six Sigma certificate, you can support your company in maintaining very profitable contracts with the vendors and procurers, and ensure that the business complies with international standards.


  • It offers rapid growth in a leadership position.


When you have the Black Belt or the Master Black Belt credentials, you are already equipped with leadership skills and you can take up managerial positions in your organization. The certification process sharpens your skillset in evaluating and quantifying monetary benefits from implementing the Six Sigma project, as well as financial management and risk assessment skills. The specialists with such abilities are much valued by the companies and they are usually the best candidates for senior managerial roles.


  • It provides a high-income potential.
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Obtaining a Six Sigma certificate requires a lot of work. There is a lot of study and preparation involved, and the exams are also not a walk in the park. As you progress in your certification path, your salary potential increases. Thus, it was reported that the professionals with the Six Sigma credential can earn an average of $100,000 per annum.


As you can see, there are many opportunities opened to individuals with the Six Sigma certificate. If you are considering taking up a job role in the field of project management, you should think of starting your certification pursuit with Sig Sigma. You can try for a Certification Pathway Tool on the ASQ website and know which way can be the best for your current experience. You can even start with the entry-level credential and rise to the very top. It’s up to you to decide.

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