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Siya Kakkar’s Death Has No Connection With Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case, Police Clarifies

Source: The Prime Time

Sushant Singh Rajput an aspiring and young age actor who had committed suicide on 14 June 2020. No one knows what’s the reason behind it and the police are still trying to find out that what happened with him when another case of suicide came out when a 16 years old TikTok star Siya Kakkar had also committed suicide 2 days ago. No one knows what’s the reason behind it.

The police are trying to find out what’s the reason behind the death of both of them. But many people are also guessing that may be the reason of their death would be the same or maybe Siya’s death has something to do with Sushant. Here’s what we know about it.

Siya’s Death has Nothing to do with Sushant

The police have cleared that Siya’s death has nothing to do with Sushant as both the cases are different and there is no relation between the two. The reasons for both of their deaths were totally different. But now the police is trying to find out what is the reason for both of their death as now the public has lost their patience and want to know what happened with them.

What Arjun Sarin has to say about it

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Arjun Sarin who is the Talented Management Agency Head has just said that the last night before the suicide of Siya he talked to her about a song collaboration and she was sounding pretty well.

No one knows that what is the reason for the Death of the two but whatever the reason was one should not commit suicide in any case that’s what I want to say.

That’s all for now we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything more about it.

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