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Sony Reveals First Look And Price Of PS5! See You In November!

Play Station 5
Source: Polygon

Sony Reveals The Launce Date Of PlayStation 5

Recently, Sony has officially announced the release date and the price of the PlayStation 5.

The announcement was made by Sony after a week later when Microsoft also made their announcement for their new release of the Xbox Series X (and the more affordable Xbox Series S) console which can be considered as competition.

Microsoft has announced the release date for next-generation consoles on the 10th of November at the price of entry-level Xbox Series S at $299 and flagship Xbox Series X for $499.

Release Date And Price Of PlayStation 5?

Sony has announced the release date for the PlayStation 5 on the 12th of November just two days later from Microsoft putting it as competition both with the launch dates and cost price, at the cost price of $499.99 and the digital edition can cost $399.99.

Sony has dropped the cost price of it old launches like the PlayStation 4 was the cost $399 at the time of its release and currently, it is available for $299, while the PlayStation 4 Pro was the cost for $399, and still, the price is set in the major market.

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It’s not yet clear if Sony is planning to drop the prices of the previous releases with the release of PlayStation 5 in November.

Countries Where PlayStation 5 Will Launch?

The US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Mexico countries are selected for the new release of PlayStation 5 on the 12th of November. With these countries, the rest of the countries will be able to have the release of PS 5 on the 19th of November, the release date in China is still on hold by Sony.

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