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Sorry Alex Pina! But We Won’t Watch Money Heist Season 5 If This Character Isn’t Dead In The Coming Season

Money Heist. Bella Ciao!!! The fourth season of this mind-blowing series is already out and it was a massive hit. Moreover, it is an open secret that the show will be officially renewed for the fifth season soon. However, nothing is known about the release date yet.

Dear Mr. Alex Pina,                                                                                                    Your show, Money Heist is my favorite show right now. There might be few who wouldn’t have loved the last season. However, in accordance with the old saying, nothing in the world is perfect, the show isn’t perfect too. It would make the show even more delightful if you changed a thing or two. For instance, Arturo should be killed.

Arturo Roman Should Be Dead!

Everything about the show is good, the plot, the characters, the twists but not Arturo. Not that he is just annoying but also that he seems to be pretty useless even for a side role in the show. If compared to the real-life situation he is like North Korea during the ongoing pandemic. While the world is fighting the coronavirus, Kim Jong-un is busy fake dying, LOL.

Moreover, he also takes some very important screen time that could have been used for a better character. I know that you have put him in the show for a reason and that he depicts the human traits like selfishness, envy, etc. but he is a massive bug in the eye. I am sure that other fans would agree with me and would love to say goodbye to this character.

If you do not believe me then just go through some tweets about Arturo. Here let me help you with it.

This fan genuinely seems to hate Arturo. Another fan even gave the reason for disliking Arturo. Here look for yourself.

So, it is my humble request that you consider taking Arturo out of the picture and maybe somehow bring back Berlin. Berlin is surely one of the most loved characters on the show.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                      The BuzzPaper.

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